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AMC Summer Kuttab

AMC Summer Kuttab

Program of 6 Weeks
$ 180.00
One Time
  • Quran Hifz
  • Understanding some meanings
  • Improving Arabic writing skills
  • Hadith memorization and understanding
  • Improving Makharij skills
  • Praying in Congregation & learning Athkar after prayer.
  • All Participants will receive a certificate
Attendance and Class Guidelines
1.  Attendance Policy:
  • Any student who does not attend 2 consecutive Halaqas/classes without prior approval will be dismissed from Kuttab. You will receive a refund of 50%.
  • Any student who misses 3 separate Halaqas/classes will not receive a certificate at the end of the program.
2. Before and during Halaqa:

To ensure your child’s efficient use of time during class.

  • Admission starts at 7:15 pm and closes at 7:25 pm. Please ensure your child arrives on time.
  • Students arriving late (after 7:25 pm) will not be allowed into the class.
  • Please ensure your child is fed and has used the bathroom before class.
  • Kindly have your child bring snacks and a drink.
  • Parents are welcome to wait for your child in the classrooms on the second floor. A TV in the classroom will display the halaqas/classes.

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